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The roasting process at 4BENT COFFEE
After green coffee beans are carefully selected from farmers in Africa, they are shipped to us to roast in Boise, Idaho. Roasting coffee exposes the natural flavors, acidity, and nuances of the beans, while decreasing moisture content. Beans start to darken and heat causes several chemical reactions to occur. Our team monitors the color and aroma, and we determine how light or dark the beans should be roasted so that their best qualities are exposed. The browning stage ends when the pressure within the beans grows, causing them to crack open. The roasting process will be completed shortly after this point for light to medium roasted coffees. Since these coffee beans have been exposed to less heat overall, they will contain more caffeine, be more complex in flavor, and be brighter than a darker roast. Your coffee will be thinner, and the floral or herbal components will be more noticeable.
To get a darker roast, our team waits for the beans to crack a second time after all moisture has been released. Because the roasting process continues to break down sugars in the beans, dark roasts typically taste bolder and bittersweet. Dark roast coffee has been heated long enough for the natural oils of the beans to be released and the drink to feel full-bodied. While green coffee can last for months, roasted beans start to lose flavor and aroma within just a couple of weeks. We roast coffee twice weekly to ensure that you are receiving the best product when you order from us. We are happy to roast any of our coffee your favorite way, just let us know!

Let us know if we can personalize a roast to your liking!

    The Roast