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4 Goals: Believe • Empower • Next Generation • Teamwork.

At 4Bent coffee, we strive to make the world a better place. Our business is about more than coffee. We have four goals and each letter of our name means something to us.

B for Believe

The B stands for believe. We believe that everyone should have an equal opportunity. We believe that our communities, both locally and globally, can be better every day if we work to make them that way. It is our job, to continue to think positively to move towards a better future always. We also want you to believe in us. It is important that we build trust with our customers and that you know that we are working hard to bring you an enjoyable and quality product every time you buy from us.

E is empowerment

We promote equity and hope to bring opportunities to people around the world. Here in Boise, portions of our proceeds benefit the Nations United Soccer and the refugee community. At a global level, we support the farmers who grow our coffee beans, and children in schools in Ghana where our owner is from.

N for Next Generation

We hope to teach skills and good values to the younger people within our communities and beyond.

T for teamwork

To bring about change, we must work together. We are stronger united. Our business is centered around working together with respect, care, and love for each other. We hope to inspire others to do the same.

now roasting

Rwandan Coffee

Sourced from local Rwandan farmers, this coffee will be sure to delight with notes of cocoa, cane sugar, and black tea. Delicious as both a cold brew on hot summer days or a pour over to relax with, this coffee is perfect for everyone!

Our Mission

Idaho's Best Roast

We are focused on providing you with a drink that attracts and delights you! We also want you to know that purchasing your coffee from us allows you to buy local, but with global impact. We believe that there will be a little more joy in your cup if it helps make the world a happier place for everyone!

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