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About us

Our history

about us

I fell in love with coffee after moving to Boise, Idaho. My family and I visits at least one (sometimes two or three) coffee shops a day. The more places we go, and the more lattes we try, the more I started to appreciate the product. I wanted to understand it even better.

I am from Ghana in West Africa. I moved to the United States in 2014, and in 2019 my wife and I moved to Idaho to raise our babies closer to her family. We instantly fell in love with Boise. We appreciated the natural environment and friendly people, and we desired to become more integrated with the local community. Shortly before the pandemic began, I began coaching soccer with the Nations United soccer teams. These teams aim to provide opportunities for local refugee and immigrant children to play soccer. I saw how much these kids needed this program, and how much they valued soccer. The program was put on pause in 2020 because of the pandemic, and I kept thinking of the kids I had coached. When soccer restarted the following spring, I was truly honored to resume being a part of these children’s lives. I always left practice feeling appreciative of the positive energy and liveliness my team brought into my life. This was a group of incredible kids, and I could only hope I was making an equally beneficial impact on them each day.

During 2020, my family and I isolated.  My wife was pregnant with our son, and as excited as we were about expanding our family, we were also worried about the state of the world. We spent almost all our time together at home. I spent my time researching coffee. I read about different origins to source from, qualities of good beans, and roasting techniques. With the help of Momentum Roasting Co., I began to put my ideas into action. After months of learning, 4Bent Coffee Company was created in early 2021.

Despite my many years in America, my heart has always cared deeply for where I come from. Ghana is a beautiful country, where I believe that everyone feels welcome. I miss the delicious lite soup and okra stew. I miss the beaches and the loud way people talk to each other. Most of all, I miss my friends and family back home. Growing up as a teen in Ghana, it was dance that felt like home to me. My friends and I practiced daily in a dirt field in our local community until we were tired each night. We lived for it, and eventually it became the way we were able to support ourselves. We competed locally and nationally throughout Ghana, and because dance is such an integral part of Ghanaian culture, we were well known by many. In 2007, we named our dance group 4bent.

As a company, it is our mission to support and empower younger generations. We want to help develop the Nations United Soccer program to help refugee children and their families here in Boise, Idaho. For this reason, we will be directly donating a dollar from every bag sold to help provide necessary equipment and resources to keep it operating well. Additionally, it is important to us that we support our coffee farmers who provide us with beans each season. Our beans are always sourced from regions in Africa, and we make sure to purchase ethically farmed and cultivated crops. For most of these farmers, selling coffee beans is how they provide financially for their families. We want to make sure to support small scale farmers. Additionally, as a company we will be making annual donations towards school fees for children in Ghana who might otherwise be unable to attend due to costs of education. Hopefully in this way we will be able to impact the next generation. Our goal is to make the world a better place one caffeinated  cup at a time.

It’s a local roast, with global taste.

Thank you!

The Quaye Family

Dance kept us busy doing something we loved instead of participating in less valuable, or even dangerous activities like some of our peers. In many ways, the boys on Nations United soccer team remind me of myself. The sport they play brings them enjoyment and enriches their lives deeply. This is the reason I wanted to continue doing business under the name 4bent.

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